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Emerges as a key driver of change and progress in the Iraqi real estate market. The company plays a significant role in enhancing both local and international investment, working diligently to expand economic growth across Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Greece.

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Omran Real Estate and Marketing offers comprehensive services covering all aspects of real estate operations, making it the ideal partner for achieving sustainable success in the real estate investment world

Customer Management

Management strategy can build lasting customer relationships and grow your business

Managing Real Estate Inquiries

we manage inquiries from prospective tenant to respond promptly and courteously.

fund good investments

Real estate investment funds are a great way to   owning property directly.

financial consultancy

Financial consulting offer clients a big picture analysis of their finances.

Legal Consultancy

Our Legal Consultancy offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in our practice areas.

Engineering Consultancy

Our engineering consultancy services include technical support, product / process development.

Bringing you the Top-Notch Properties for sale in your city!

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